Ideas for Future Milestones

This page outlines some general ideas I currently have for what to do in the future of Hexoshi's development, after the current milestone. If you have ideas you want me to consider, feel free to post them, or email them to me at


  • Hexoshi will probably have a total of 6 bosses, giving some meaning to the name. However, that is not set in stone.
  • I don't like Metroid's idea of having bosses open up an arbitrary passage when you beat them. It confused me when I first played Super Metroid. Instead, the final area of the game should be opened up by some sort of items that need to be collected, which could be keys or (preferably) special abilities that need to be used together.
  • Hexoshi will need its own, custom theme music, which should be called "Hexoshi". I haven't decided what milestone it will be done in.

Anneroy's Abilities

Following is a list of ideas for abilities Anneroy might be able to acquire later on (in no particular order).

  • Railgun: This would be an alternative projectile weapon with limited ammunition or a reduced firing rate that inflicts more damage and can break special blocks and open special doors. Similar to missiles in Metroid.
  • Rubberizer: This would allow Anneroy to jump while in a ball form.
  • Sloth Ball: This would allow the hedgehog spikes to be kept out by holding the shoot button.
  • Grease Ball: The ball form could be made to spin in place really fast and then launch forward at a high speed. Similar to the spin dash in the Sonic games. We could say that we eliminate friction first, then use the spikes to suddenly gain traction and zip along.
  • Repel Gun: A "gun" that just propels Anneroy in the opposite direction you shoot, which can allow you to fly or at least hover in the air, kind of like the machine gun in Cave Story (but without the damage to enemies).
  • Ice Gun: A gun that just freezes enemies in place and allows you to use them as platforms. This would be a separate weapon, not an upgrade to the main gun, and would not inflict damage.
  • Flamethrower: A short-range, rapid-fire, slightly random gun that can melt ice.


Following is a list of music I am considering using in Hexoshi at some point. Unless indicated otherwise, I'm thinking of using the music for one of the future areas of the game.

One thing that I want to make sure of regarding the music is that it can all be listened to for long periods of time without making the player feel exhausted. This means that any area music used should not use dynamic range compression and must give your ears a break. This is important because in Hexoshi, you're going to be hearing the same music for a long period of time (however long you're in the same area). I had to exclude a lot of otherwise nice music because it lacks any silence and is loud the entire way through.

Milestone 2

  • Milestone 2 will focus on expanding Hexoshi's world to include a second area.
  • Aesthetically, I'm thinking of making the second area have a lot of fungal growth (mushrooms) and very little plant life, in contrast to the generally vibrant animal and plant life in the first area.
  • More enemies will be added.
  • At least one boss will probably be added.